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Aerolift: passenger lifts for apartments, cottages; lift installation; lift equipment

The time of science fiction when people traveled in glassy capsules is away –
Nowadays it is not a figment of our imagination any more.

The use of natural air pressure force is an original concept of the manufacture of pneumatic vacuum lifts which are unique across the globe.

Pneumatic vacuum lift

Пневмолифт установленный компанией АэроЛифт

- It is a capsule capable of transporting, 
you without cables, blocks, or plungers.

Compared to ordinary lifts, pneumatic vacuum lifts are easier to install, service and control. Owing to their compact design which does not require earthmoving to prepare a well and install runners and a back balance, they are especially suitable for existing houses.
Air pressure from above and underneath the lift is the key of the movement.
To have such lift in you house you do not need to construct a special well and prepare a room for a hoisting mechanism above. The whole system, indeed, is a high transparent tube where a lifting cabin moves; and a small vacuum pump up to 30sm high is installed at the top.

Pneumatic lifts are designed for one or two people; and they can be installed easier and quicker than the ordinary lifts.

The reasons for installation of small house lifts are quite various.
Someone is lazy to carry packages after shopping upstairs; someone considers that a small but stylish lift can considerably increase the value of the house.

There are people who believe that such facility in the house is stylish and prestigious, and moreover, it is comfortable.

House owners of declining years, having the lift installed, can stay in their own home and not leave it just because it is getting difficult for them to climb upstairs.

Within several years since the production of the first lift in the sunny American state, Florida, it gained popularity not only among happy owners of houses on Miami coast, but became widely spread in the North America, Europe, Japan, and now in Russia.

Having such a comfortable and compact lift installed in your house you will not want to use stairs everyday. And you staircase will become a decoration of the interior.


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