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About the Company

Aerolift company is the only official representative in Russia which supplies lifts, developed and produced by American designers, for cottages and apartments.

Pneumatic lifts are cottage lifts of the new generation which meet the special requirements of safety, simple design, space constraint, energy saving and low noise level. The panoramic lift transparent from all sides allows you to move up to the first floor with additional convenience. And nowadays such opportunity attracts a lot of house owners.

Our company sells and installs lifts in cottages and apartments, as well as provides further maintenance.

To install the lift in the house you do not need to construct a well and a room for a hoisting mechanism. The lift design allows installing it easily in any room having suitable opening in the floor.

You can get all necessary information about pneumatic lifts by calling us.
And you can also see a house lift in operation; it is installed at permanent exhibition ROSSTROYEXPO at Frunzenskaya embankment, building 30, studio15, section 63, Moscow


Frunzenskaya embankment, building 30, studio15, section 63, Moscow
You can see a house lift in operation at our exhibition.
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