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Lift Description

A vacuum pneumatic lift is one of the simplest designs, from the engineering point of view, among all technologies using pneumatics for lift hoists in residence and office buildings.

Compared to ordinary lifts, pneumatic vacuum lifts are easier to install, service and control. Owing to their compact design which does not require earthmoving to prepare a well and install runners and a back balance, they are especially suitable for existing houses.

The difference of air pressure above and underneath the cabin simply moves you by airflow force. It is provided by a vacuum pump or a turbine which moves you up to the next floor and slowly discharges air to move the lift down.


The lift design is straight and compact: 94cm in diameter (which can be installed practically everywhere) with all-around view (360 degrees).
Installation flexibility and speed of movement: 0.2m/s; lifting height – up to 11m (floor level); installation within one week and possibility of shift or dismantling, if necessary.
Energy effectiveness: no electricity consumption during down movement and low electricity consumption, voltage 220VC, of a pump turbine.


When a pump piston pumps air inside the cylinder in the section above the cabin out, the cabin starts moving up due to atmospheric pressure underneath. The rise is due to the difference of pressure underneath and above the cabin.
The valve regulating air admission into the upper part of the well controls pressure drop and rise capacity. When the valve admits atmospheric air into the section of low pressure the pneumatic lift moves slowly down to the required floor. This valve also controls the speed of cabin movement.
The lower part of the well is free for access of atmospheric air. The suction process is simple; it involves the pump which makes the difference of pressure between ambient air and air inside the well with the piston, the cylinder walls and the upper cover.


The pneumatic lift is provided with locking mechanisms inside the well to stop the cabin in the limit upper and lower positions.

For safety improvement, in case of unexpected leakage of atmospheric air into the well above the cabin, brake mechanisms on the top of the cabin are activated. The upper section has a switch which promptly detects decompression of this part of the well. Brake system is also integrated into the diaphragm and the pistons.

In case of electrical power interruption while the lift is moving, it stops not having passed 5cm, then the cabin automatically moves down to the ground floor with the speed lower than usual as the air in the upper part of the well is not pumped (which is done when the power is on).

Each lift is supplied with an alarm system, emergency ventilation and safe door switches. The lift door can not be opened while the lift is moving.


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