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Specification and warranties

The use of natural air pressure force is an original concept of the manufacture of pneumatic vacuum lifts which are unique across the globe.

  • Weight: 300 kg (for the lifting height of 3 m, 2 floors), 450 kg (for the lifting height of 6 m, 3 floors).
  • Lifting capacity: 210 kg.
  • Speed: 0.2 m/s.
  • Cabin: made of transparent plastic with metal floor. The top of the cabin has seals which ensure normal pressure and conditions for passengers. As soon as the lift reaches the required floor the locking system is activated.
  • Pump: can be placed in different locations, both inside the well in the upper part and separately, within 9-10m from the well.
  • Halogen lamps: inside the cabin.
  • Power supply: 24 VDC.
  • Illuminated call and control buttons inside the cabin and on each floor.
  • Doors which can be opened in one direction as well as in two directions.
  • Installation: as self-maintained facility, fastening to the floor.
  • The foundation for the pneumatic lift shall be smooth and even floor capable of withstanding the weight of the fully loaded lift.
  • Safe movement switch is activated in case of lift falling and stops the lift after 2 centimeters of movement; in case of power cut it ensures slow movement down to the ground floor; alarm system in the cabin; emergency ventilation.
  • Preset for a telephone; wiring from the cabin to the pump control box.
  • Material of the well and the doors: polycarbonate formed as a cylinder; the foundation and the cover of the well and the cabin are made of steel and special plastic.
  • The doors ensure vacuum tightness and have safe magnetic locks.
  • Alarm system: located in the cabin together with the emergency ventilation.


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